Marzec Miesiącem Kobiet w MEDIFEM !

Only in March a special promotion in the MEDIFEM Clinic !

Marzec 2015 Medifem

We invite you to take advantage of our (Medifem) special offer for aesthetic gynecology treatments.

The whole month we offer 10% discount for the labiaplasty and vaginoplasty treatments, the consultancy cost is deducted from the surgery price.

Additionally we offer a special price of 425 Euro for all aesthetic gynecology surgeries like: laser treatment of stress urinary incontinence, laser vaginal rejuvenation, as well as highlighting the point G (G-shot) by injecting a filling (hyaluronic acid or fat grafting).

Price includes consultation and represents 50% of the regular price.

Czas trwania: 
с понедельник, марта 2, 2015 по вторник, марта 31, 2015

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