Clinics - Rehabilitation, manual therapy


REHA-HELP Rehabilitacja Medyczna i Masaż Leczniczy
Post-traumatic rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of spine disorders. Physiotherapy treatments such as electrotherapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound, laser, magnetic field, light therapy, massages. ...
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Gabinet Osteopatii i Fizjoterapii
Treatments in osteopathy, manual therapy and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. The clinic specializes in the treatment of back pain and joint pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment - mandibular joint, osteopathy pregnant women and infants. ...
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Impuls Centrum Rehabilitacji
Treatment of injuries and neurological disorders using laser, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, massage and electrotherapy. ...
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Services in the field of physiotherapy of muscle and joint pain, injury therapy, massage and sports taping. ...
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Zakład Rehabilitacji Leczniczej
Comprehensive rehabilitation services after diseases and traumas the musculoskeletal system. ...
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