Clinics - Gynaecology


Gabinety Osiedle Marcelin
Clinic "Gabinety Osiedle Marcelin" is formed by the merger of two clinics: gynecological-obstetric and dental. ...
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Zięba Clinic
In Zięba Clinic we provide the family and stress-free atmosphere. Protection of privacy and the privacy of our patients is our top priority.  Facing the problems of many couples trying to conceive, we offer expertise and provide a diverse and modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility....
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Kliniki Ziemlewski Poznań
The clinics offer is addressed to the patients caring on their appearance and aesthetics of the body, hence performed treatments include also treatments in the field of aesthetic gynecology. ...
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Diagnosis and treatment in the field of gynecology and dentistry, rehabilitation services ...
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Nereida Specjalistyczny Gabinet Lekarski
Gynecology, obstetrics, diagnostic complex hormonal disorders, infertility treatment method NaProTechnology, prenatal tests and carrying out high-risk pregnancy. ...
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MEDYK CENTRUM was established in 1994 by the Jan Bińczyk M.D.. The medical centre offers diagnosis and treatment in modern diagnostic laboratories, outpatient centre, as well as in hospital.MEDYK CENTRUM offers, among others, treatment of the infertility, varicose veins and urinary incontinence, and...
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