Clinics - Dentistry


Specjalistyczny Gabinet Stomatologiczny Dentica Bieleccy
We specializes in periodontology and dental implants. Other implants are: conservative dentistry, prosthetics, dental implants. ...
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Centrum Stomatologii ESKULAP
Dental treatment of children and adults. Many years of experience of medical staff and a very high quality of medical services. ...
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Klinika Dentystyczna Dione
Dental treatments: conservative dentistry, endodontic, prosthetic, periodontology, dental surgery etc ...
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Cermed Stomatologia
Cermed this orthodontic dental clinic, led by Catherine Lis-Madejczyk MD. Medical offer includes an orthodontics, conservative and aesthetic dentistry. ...
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Prywatna Praktyka Dentystyczna Daniel Dłucik
We started more than 30 years ago. Dr. Dłucik is one of the forerunners of dental implantology in Poland. Additionally we are specialized in prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics. ...
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Stomatologia Na Podzamczu
Dental treatment and comprehensive diagnostics. Dentists in the clinic use Simplant system (System of Virtual Treatment Planning). The clinic is a member of the elite association of masters of implant - Implant Masters Poland. ...
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