Wojciech Błaszczyk M.D. PhD

Wojciech Błaszczyk

Dr. Wojciech Błaszczyk is an anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist.

He has experience in his field of medicine acquired in the area of medical facilities in Szczecin, for example in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Mamma Center of Birth Center located in Szczecin-Kijewo. It belongs to the District Medical Chamber in Szczecin.

Wojciech Błaszczyk M.D. PhD in his medical practice deals with the anaesthesiological preparation of the patient for surgical operations and in the field of plastic surgery. He chooses the right type of anesthesia - general or local - and watches over its effects. He also deals with postoperative care, including patients who require treatment in intensive care after accidents or severe operations.

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