For whom is liposuction?

As the statistics show liposuction is the most popular aesthetic procedure worldwide, mainly preferred by women between 18 and 50 years of age. For sure the treatment ensure very rapid and noticeable effects, but can everybody undergo the liposuction?
The patient qualified for liposuction should have completed 18 years, be on healthy diet, exercise regularly and enjoy the good general health. Substantial obesity paradoxically may exclude the patient from carrying out the treatment.
Please note that lipoplasty can’t be treated as a small cosmetic procedure. Like any surgical intervention is fraught with some risk of complications during surgery and in the postoperative period.
The main complications include:
  • fat embolism and pulmonary embolism
  • formation of a hematoma and swelling
  • blood coagulation problems
  • infections
  • tissue destruction (necrosis)

and the most common

  • contour irregularities after too wide or uneven liposuction
To minimize the risk of possible embolism complications and blood clotting problems, the patients have to be undergoing anticoagulation the 2 weeks before planned treatment. It is important also to stop smoking, which has a significant impact on the risk of complications.
Liposuction takes 45 minutes till about 2 hours, depends of the localization of the surgical site and the extent of surgery.
Immediately after the treatment is the surgical site secured with the elastic dressing, eventually additionally with elastic underwear selected individually in case of liposuction of abdomen or thighs.
Depends on the surgical site the time of recovery after liposuction is around 2 weeks. Removal of sutures is performed after 5-12 days after surgery. It is necessary to wear the special clothing (pressure garments) and change regularly the dressing event up to 4 weeks. For the final results the patients have to wait 3-6 months.
It’s important to note, that liposuction never will ensure an ideal shape of the body. The best results are noticed at the young persons with close to normal body weight. And as usually the positive attitude of the patient and his mental state are not to be overestimated.
Piotr Kosik