Tadeusz Witwicki M.D. PhD

Tadeusz Witwicki

A specialist in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw (Poland). He obtained a specialization in plastic surgery at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the Postgraduate Medical Education Center in Warsaw. The head of the specialization was the creator of Polish plastic surgery prof. Michał Krauss.
Training participant in Beijing, Glasgow, Los Angeles and Ghent. He regularly participates in European conventions in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.
Author of numerous publications in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Founding member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging A full member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and a member of the Organizational Committee of the 1st Congress of PTCHPRiE, Member of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery.

Doctor Tadeusz Witwicki is an international Trainer Technician Revitalizing-Lifting APTOS, a trainer of the SlimLipo method in Poland, he also conducts trainings for doctors in the field of breast reconstruction.