SLIM LIPO, few centimeters less ...

SLIM LIPO, a laser body-scultping system not only removes fatty tissue and reduce the patients around two sizes, improve body contours and proportions but also firms the skin.

SLIM LIPO has revolutionized aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. The treatment slims and reshapes the body in more simply and safe way than traditional liposuction, resulting in minimal recovery time. During the treatment the patient is locally anesthetized. The doctor inserts a micro-cannula with a laser by the cuts (approx. 2 mm) beneath the skin and let the laser to act on the fat cells directly. One wavelength is dissolving fat, which is aspirated, and the second one shrinks the collagen fibers thereby firming the skin. After the surgery patients do not require any special care. Usually they return to their daily activities after one day.

Laser liposuction Slim Lipo Laser liposuction Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo treatment is especially dedicated to persons who have problems with fat in targeted areas, e.g. thighs, stomach, chin, neck. Slim Lipo can be also used in the treatment of excessive sweating in the armpits area. The doctor suck out sweat glands using the cannula. The treatment is performed only once and ensures an elimination of the problem.

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