Sławomir Teper M.D. PhD

Sławomir Teper

Eye specialist (ophthalmologist)

He graduated from the Silesian Medical University in Katowice. Has a great scientific achievements: is the main co-author of several medical books in the field of retinal disseases (OCT atlases, AMD manual), the co-author of numerous publications in scientific journals, the co-author of over 100 publications presented at medical conferences in Poland, Europe and the USA.

Sławomir Teper M.D. PhD gained his professional experience working in the District “Kolejowy” Hospital (Szpital Kolejowy) in Katowice and in the Silesian Hospital in Cieszyn.

In Centrum Okulistyczne BeskidMed he performs treatment of retinal diseases, optic nerve injury grade II and glaucoma.

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