Ryszard Stawicki M.D.

Ryszard Stawicki

Surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Poznań (Poland). In the clinic Medicus Bonus performs i.a. arthroplasty of the hip and knee.

Co-owner of the clinic Medicus Bonus.



I am 85 year old. I underwent surgical procedure to correct bilateral feet deformities related to halux valgus and hammer toes on the 15th of April 2019. Those very advanced pathologies significantly limited my mobility for number of years. I was seeking advice several specialists in orthopedics in the past but none of them was convincing enough hence I was unable to commit to radical treatment. The breakthrough was the video I found on YouTube demonstrating the outcomes of orthopedic procedures predominantly involving lower limbs performed by leading specialist in orthopedics and trauma Dr Ryszard Stawicki in Poznan, Poland. Self-explanatory and very convincing was also series of images of cases with various feet pathology before and after treatment I identified on the local website. Furthermore, reviews provided by Dr Stawicki’s patients from Medicus Bonus Hospital in Sroda Wielkopolska and Polyclinic at Grochowska 9 in Poznan were also exceptionally helpful. Dr Stawicki explained to me very clearly surgical procedure and my journey through post –operative care and physiotherapy. His professional and chivalrous approach, full of empathy as well as his patience resulted in the feeling of enormous security and trust. Hence, I have proceeded with surgery without hesitation.24h post procedure I was able to walk unaided (no crutches).I am currently able to conquer three flights of stairs and walk independently distance of 1000-2000metres daily only 10 weeks post radical treatment. I would like to pay tribute to exceptional professional skills of the Orthopedic Team from the Hospital Medicus Bonus in Sroda Wielkopolska and gamet of Specialists at Grochowska 9 Polyclinic in Poznan, Poland under leadership of Dr Stawicki. Holistic care I have experienced is an excellent example of personalized medicine and added new spark into my life"


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