New edition of oral contraception

The increasing pace of life requires more and more from ourselves. It is also a challenge for researchers seeking new solutions designed to simplify our life. TEVA company created an innovative contraceptive Seasonique, a response to the needs of modern, active women.

The hormonal contraceptionIt is the first on the European market oral contraceptives that reduce the amount of bleeding to four per year. Such significant reduction of menstruation days allows to keep great physical and sexual activity, without any monthly limits. Additionally, bleeding at menstruation is much weaker and shorter.
Better control of own body gives more self-confidence and makes easier to face the challenges.

In addition, the pills significantly alleviate symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and reduce three times its incidence. PMS affects more and more women and can be very distressing. The multiplicity and coexistence of multiple psychosomatic symptoms affect very negatively on the women well-being, their private life, relations with other people and is a handicap in performing their duties. Relief of symptoms directly improves the comfort of live and allows to enjoy every day, independently from the day of the menstrual cycle.

Seasonique are film-coated, extended-cycle birth controll pills, containing two hormones: levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol, and lactose as an excipient.
Each blister contains 91 tablets, which for ease of use, are in two different colours (pink and white) for the cycle day.

The hormonal contraception is obviously not indifferent to the body. In the case of Seasonique, the contra-indications and adverse reactions are similar to those in the case of any other oral contraceptives, and they are described in detail in the leaflet of the drug.
This medicine is a prescription medicine, and can be used after detailed medical examination and assessment of the patient's health by a gynaecologist.

Seasonique contraceptive pills are a step towards independence of modern women who know their needs. Convenience and comfort from the reduction of the frequency and abundance of bleeding and alleviate of PMS symptoms is invaluable, especially for active physically and sexually women. Moreover as we know, people satisfied with their private life often are also satisfied with their professional achievements.
The enormous benefits of using this contraception definitely can revolutionize the lives of women.