Michał Barwijuk M.D.

Michał Barwijuk M.D. is specialized in the plastic and aesthetic gynaecology.
In MEDIFEM Clinic he performs plastic surgery of intimate zones, like e.g. vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoroplasty, as well as treatments in the field of aesthetic gynaecology (genuine stress incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome, G-Spot Augmentation) using the newest medical technologies and laser CO2 EdgeOne.

Michał Barwijuk M.D. graduated from the Warsaw Medical University in year 2009. Currently he works as an assistant in MEDIFEM Clinic and in the Department for Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Oncological Gynaecology of the Clinic of Ministry of the Interior (Szpital MSW) in Warsaw.

Michał Barwijuk M.D. is an experienced doctor in the plastic gynaecology. Very often he participate in the conferences, workshops and trainings organized by the Polish Society for Plastic Gynaecology, sharing his professional experience. One of the doctor’s main success is participation in introducing of the newest medical technologies on the Polish and European markets.

Michał Barwijuk M.D. is a founder and member of Polish Society for Plastic Gynaecology.

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