Maciej Józefowicz M.D. PhD

Maciej Józefowicz

Maciej Józefowicz M.D. PhD is a specialist in the field of general surgery and a doctor of aesthetic medicine.

A graduate of the Military Medical Academy in Łódź, Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw and the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Society in Warsaw.
He has extensive medical experience. He is a member of many medical associations, for example the Society of Polish Surgeons, the Polish Society of Vascular Surgery, the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery, and the Polish Society of Phlebology.
Doctor Maciej Józefowicz has a wealth of academic achievements - he is a co-author of many medical publications and congress speeches.

Doctor Maciej Józefowicz deals with the treatment of inguinal hernia (bilateral and bilateral) as well as the provision of umbilical and abdominal hernia as well as the plasty of the abdominal wall. Performs treatments in the field of aesthetic phlebology and aesthetic medicine, improving the appearance of the face by means of correction of wrinkles, correction of the nose, lip modeling and modeling of the mandible line.

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