Lidia Kudzbalska

Lidia Kudzbalska M.D. is a dentist with with years of experience. She specializes in prosthodontics.

Lidia Kudzbalska M.D., in order to treat her patients at the highest possible level, constantly upgrades her and enlarges her professional knowledge.

She participates in numerous professional training courses, e.g. in the field of dental implantology, conservative dentistry, prosthodontics, dysfunction treatment of the masticatory apparatus, cosmetic dentistry and more:

Certyfikat Lidia Kudzbalska              Certyfikat Lidia Kudzbalska              Certyfikat Lidia Kudzbalska

More certificates of Lidia Kudzbalska M.D. you can find on the page 

In case of Lidia Kudzbalska M.D works a Homer maxim: „One experienced doctor is worth more than one hundred warriors.

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