Janusz Szymczak M.D. PhD

Janusz Szymczak


Dr. n.med. Janusz Szymczak graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy in Lodz (Poland). He specialized in the field of ophthalmology and aviation medicine.

He worked in the best ophthalmological clinics in the country and abroad, like e.g. in the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London (United Kingdom), Ophtamoligical Clinics in Graz and Vienna (Austria), in the Zeiss Oberkochen in Germany as well as in the Ophthalmology Clinic of the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine in Warsaw, Hospital and Field Armed Forces of the United Nations in Egypt.
He was co-founder and director of the Center for Diagnosis and Therapy of Eye Diseases in Warsaw, the first private eye clinic in Poland.

Member of the Ophthalmological Society of Oxford (Oxford Ophtalmic Congress, from 1986) as well as the Middle East Medical Society (Middle East Medical Society).

Dr. Szymczak speaks foreign languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

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