Jakub Rzepka MD, PhD

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Specialist in gynecology and gynecological surgery. He works in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital CMKP in Warsaw (Szpital Bielański) and in the Department of Gynecology in Świętokrzyskie Oncology Centre in Kielce.

In 2011, he defended his doctoral thesis in the field of urogynecology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg. He is specialized in non-invasive treatment of urinary incontinence problems and irregularities after gynecological and oncological surgery.

Dr. Jakub Rzepka is interested in non-invasive diagnostic and surgical techniques in women with gynecological disorders as well as in improving of the quality of life of women after oncological treatment. He is specialized in endoscopy (European Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery) and colposcopy (Certificate of the European Federation for Colposcopy and Pathology of Lower Female Genital Tract).

Has a certificate of the London Fetal Medicine Foundation.

A member of many Polish and international medicine associations, an author and co-author of several scientific publications in the field of gynecology and gynecologic oncology.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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