Jacek Dawidowicz M.D.

Jacek Dawidowicz


Dr Jacek Dawidowicz is one of the best Warsaw dentists. He gained the experience in the Government Clinic and teh private practice runs since 1989. 

Dr Jacek Dawidowicz specializes in dental implants.
A graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw and 
Implant School in Toulouse. He has participated in numerous courses and seminars in the field of dental implantology, e.g. in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Victoria (Spain). 

Every year takes part in the most important scientific conferences about implantology such as The Greater New York Dental Meeting. 

He performs also prosthodontics, dental surgery and conservative dentistry.


The best doctor which I know - effective, professional, kind, anaesthetizing so delicate, that this is a sensation on the market. At the same time an endearing man, honest and sympathetic. I recommend honestly,

Very nice portal with interesting informations. Do you have any recommended clinics in Argentina?

Thank you for your opinion. For further information please contact us on contact@go4healthtravel.com

Excellent organization of the Clinic, I was being taken care of by professional staff.
The Doctor Dawidowicz is really nice, responsive on the patients needs.
I strongly recommend the clinic and the doctor.
I just made the next one appointment with the Doctor. :-)

I have bad experience with dentists, but Doctor Dawidowicz was a surprise for me. the treatment went quickly, painlessly and enjoyably.

Doctor Dawidowicz just removed my wisdom tooth. Quickly and painless. I'm really impressed.