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INDEXMEDICA in Kraków is a modern dental clinic, which operates more than 10 years. Thousands of patients from Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Canada and USA trusted the clinic and their doctors.
Offered treatment includes all areas of dentistry: prophylaxis, periodontology, endodontics, conservative and children dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, dental implantology, surgery and aesthetic dentistry.

Our clinic is known from experienced medical personnel, holding numerous professional certifications and high professional qualifications.
The clinic offers a variety of dental services at reasonable prices, all giving with warranty. The doctors working at the clinic are authors of numerous scientific publications and co-organizers of professional courses. This high qualified staff was honored on the pages of various magazines, like Rynek Zdrowia, and British BBC.

In the diagnosticis and treatment are used only the latest technology and highest quality materials. For example, in 3D diagnostic is used a laryngological and dental CT, very safe and precise, which generates reduced amount of radiation. In addition, each treatment is painless, performed under a modern anaesthesia while maintaining the highest patient comfort.

The basic treatment of aesthetic dentistry is teeth whitening, which is performed in INDEXMEDICA with one of five different methods:

  • Disposable teeth trays Opalescence TresWhite Supreme®
  • Using overlay method lasting few days
  • Teeth bleaching using Beyond® lamp (this method givs immediate effect)
  • Combined method: Beyond lamp and teeth trays
  • Whitening of non-vital tooth.

It is worth noting the implant treatment, which is one of the basic treatments performed at the clinic. The used for planning of the surgery SimPlant (Materialise) method, the best materials and skills of doctors make more and more patients opting for dental implants. X-ray diagnostics and tomography of jaws allow to qualify a patient for surgery and the right choice of implants, their size and placement.
In the INDEXMEDICA clinic are used as implants systems: OSSEOLINK, DIO, Osstem TSIII and Biomet 3i.

In our clinic, each patient is treated uniquely, individually and professionally. Each treatment precedes performing of a full diagnostics, after that the doctors present the proposed plan of treatment. The patient can decide about the course of treatment and achieves reliable information about the state of his health. The doctors take care not only about the high quality of the treatment, but also about familiar and friendly atmosphere in the clinic.

We are open from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 20:00.



Beskrivelse klinikker i norsk:

INDEXMEDICA – ComplexMedica Group tilbyr et komplett tannbehandlingprogram til en konkurransedyktig pris til kunder fra hele verden. Klinikken er blant de beste tannklinikker i Krakow.

INDEXMEDICA tilbyr behandling av ulike slag, fra enkle til mer kompliserte operasjoner. Klinikken har meget profesjonelle tannleger på europeisk nivå. Alle er nyutdannede og kvalifiserte og har også vitnemålet fra EU - Universitetet i Medisin.
Teknologien på den ene siden, - og dermed sikre den beste kvalitet – og på den andre siden å i vareta sikkerhet og nøyaktighet, og å behandele alle likt, men også på den mest profesjonelle måte! Vår oppgave er å beholde verdiene i arbeidet, og aldri forsømme rettferdighet og åpenhet i vårt arbeid, fordi pasienttilfredshet er vår første regel for å bli respektert.

Det kliniske personalet er godt organisert, omsorgsfullt, effektivt, og vil gjøre alt for å gjøre tannbehandlingen din behagelig og tilfredsstillende. Personales største utfordring er å gi deg en førsteklasses tannbehandling til en svært fordelaktig pris.

Prøv Indexmedica og du vil bli særdeles fornøyd.

Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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ul. Czapińskiego 2
30-048 Kraków, Malopolskie
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Dentistry € €
Conservative dentistry14 € €
Composite filling37 € €
Anesthesia10 € €
Classic Infiltration Anesthesia or Wire9 € €
"The Wand" Computer Assisted Anesthesia System13 € €
Oral surgery38 € €
Extraction38 € €
Surgical Tooth Extraction49 € €
Bone Augmentation137 € €
Dental implants549 € €
Dental implant549 € €
Prosthodontics212 € €
Dental crown212 € €
Porcelain crown212 € €
Zirconia Crown375 € €
Porcelain veneers324 € €
Periodontology32 € €
Closed dental curettage32 € €
Root canal therapy85 € €
More prices here


I recommend to all. doctors are really good , painless treatment, no need to be afraid of! I recommend to all.

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