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Centrum Okulistyczne BeskidMed is located in Cieszyn, and is one of the most modern medical centres in the region of Teschen Silesia in Poland. The facility offers comprehensive diagnostics, correction of refractive errors, and treatment (including surgery) of eye diseases in both children and adults.
Properly chosen treatment is made possible by a variety of tests performed, including i.a.:

  • Eye ultrasound,
  • Optical coherence tomography of retina (OCT)
  • Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Measurement,
  • Gonioscopy,
  • Evaluation of field of view,
  • Tonometry.

A rich experience of the medical staff, participation at several professionals trainings, state-of-art equipment and newest and best therapies warrants the highest level and quality of performed medical treatment. Centrum Okulistyczne BeskidMed performs various treatments in the field of ophthalmology, including intravitreal injections of Anti-VEGF medications, phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantion or laser therapy. The clinic offers a comprehensive ophthalmological services, especially treatment of chronic and acute eye diseases, retinal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma.

Following the expectations and needs of our patients, they are performed in BeskidMed treatments in the field of minor cosmetic surgery of eyelids, like:

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery),
  • Removal of Xanthoma,
  • Correction of lacrimal points,
  • Surgery of the unwinding and eversion of the eyelids.
  • Surgery of nodules on/under eyelids

The clinic is actively involved in the promotion of health prevention by the local press and in various social activities, including in schools.

Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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Mennicza 40
43-400 Cieszyn, Slaskie
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Ophtalmology € €
Basic ophthalmologic consultation20 €20 €
Tonometry (Measurement of intraocular pressure)8 €8 €
Gonioscopy15 €15 €
Panfundoscopy20 €20 €
Contact Lens Selection15 €15 €
Evaluation of field of view13 €13 €
Eye Ultrasound15 €25 €
Optical coherence tomography (OCT)15 €25 €
Pachymetry15 €15 €
Swab with antibiogram20 €20 €
Examination for grain mites10 €10 €
Laser iridotomy65 €65 €
Laser Posterior Capsulotomy65 €65 €
Laser vitreolysis / synechiotomy125 €125 €
Probing and rinsing of tear ducts38 €38 €
Removal of the nodules, warts, chalazion without sewing65 € €
Removal of the nodules, warts, chalazion with sewing75 € €
Removal of pterygium250 €250 €
Cryotherapy of eyelid and conjunctival changes40 €40 €
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