Breast augmentation

Only few women are satisfied with their breasts. We complain about their size and appearance. In most cases, surgeons are asked to enlarge them for at least one size. Breast enlargement operations are among the most popular operations performed within the medical tourism in Poland.
Breast surgery
Breast augmentation surgery is dedicated at women who want to enlarge the bust, eliminate the asymmetry or change the shape of the breast. They are used two types of breast implants:   implants filled with silicone-gel and implants filled with saline- solutionchosen individually in terms of size and shape.
Implants are selected based on:
  • patient's expectations
  • proportion between the size of the breast and size and shape of the chest and shoulders.

It is possible to use round or anatomical implants.
The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The implants are usually placed beneath the pectoral muscle, what reduce possibility of forming capsular contracture (a scar tissue around the implant).
Placement of the breast implant over the pectoral muscle is the most commonly encountered to the obese patients or patients with a big amount of breast tissue. Implants are inserted through a small incision (approx. 3-5 cm) either under nipples (on the border of the areola), in fold underneath the breast ("inframammary fold") or from the armpit site.

To be qualified for the breast augmentation it is necessary to have right results of the blood test (morphology, electrolytes, APTT - Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time), Chest X-ray, ECG, breast ultrasound or mammography. Not proven is the necessity of discontinuation of hormonal contraception before surgery. It’s possible to continue the therapy while taking anticoagulants before the surgery.
But it is necessary to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery, to reduces the possibility of complications.

After surgery the patient stay in the hospital approx. 1-4 days. Post-operative pain usually requires use of analgesics for 6 days. The sutures are removed after 7-10 days.
The patient should avoid tanning (solarium), heavy physical work and raising hands. The final result of the surgery is visible after approx. 5 months.

Keep in mind that after the surgery there is a possibility of breastfeeding and the material of implants do not affect the health of mother and child.
Breast implants don’t exclude a possibility of mammographic examination, which is generally safe, although can might be less effective. For patients with breast implants they are available other examination techniques like e.g. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

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