A beautiful smile with veneers

Everybody would like to have a smile like Angelina Jolie. Beautiful white and straight teeth determine the first impression, says 45% of respondents. What to do if you were not born with a smile like from Hollywood ? The dental veneers could be an option for you.


Veneers help to correct the appearance of teeth:
• change the color
• change the shape, length, size
• rebuild the missing pieces

Veneers are very thin layers bonded on the front teeth. In case of some types of veneers (e.g. porcelain) before the veneer will be placed it is necessary to remove around 0,5 milimeter of enamel from the tooth surface. On the market you can find also veneers, which don’t require trimming off the enamel called additive veneers or Glam Smile veneers (called in USA: Lumineers).

There are different types of veneers:
acrylic veneers, used for the temporary security of the tooth before cementing the right veneer,
composite veneers, very durable but often discolored,
ceramic veneers, much more durable than composite (and more expensive), but giving a natural appearance of the tooth,
porcelain veneers, the most popular, highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage. 
Porcelain veneers do not discolor, are resistant to the deposition of tartar and plaque,
all-ceramic veneers, consists of a layer of enamel and dentin.

Veneers are placed only on healthy teeth, so often the same procedure of veneers bonding must be preceded with the dental treatment.
Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the veneers. Contraindications are: periodontal (gum) diseases (e.g. Periodontitis), bruxism, root canal treatment, strong tooth discoloration, too small amount of enamel, enamel damage or extensively fillings.

Patients which do not qualify for veneers are advised to place the dental crown.