Barbara Rygoł MD PhD

Barbara Rygoł MD PhD is a graduate of Silesian Medical University in Katowice.

Since graduation she is employed by the University and since 2000 works as an assistant in the Clinic of Internal Medicine and Cancer Chemotherapy at Silesian Medical University in Katowice.

She is a specialist of internal medicine and medical oncology and since 2004 has a degree of doctorate of medicine (PhD).

Barbara Rygoł MD PhD since 2013 deals with aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, in particular volumetric liftings, hydrolift and hyaluronic thread. In CEC she realize also cancer diagnostic of skin lesions.

She participates in numerous trainings courses and congresses dedicated to the aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine and aesthetic dermatology as well.

Barbara Rygoł MD PhD is an author of many scientific publications and scholarly articles in well-known medical journals.

She is a member of the Section of Aesthetic and Anti-Anging Medicine of Polish Medical Society, the Polish Society of Oncology (PTO), Polish Society of Clinical Oncology (PTOK), Polish Society of Internal Medicine (PTI).

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