Barbara Parda-Głomska M.D.

dr Parda-Głomska

Specialist physician in aesthetic medicine

A graduate from the Medical University of Gdańsk and the Graduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Society.
A member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Consequently deepens her knowledge and experience in professional training centres under the supervision of various international experts. She participates regularly in European and international medical congresses. Always uses the latest methods and techniques of treatments.

Patients are treated holistically, looking not only for the body but also for the soul. Doctor Parda is faithful to the principles, which in the first place always put a human.


The doctor Parda is a very nice person and a good doctor. I recommend :-)

I was already in aesthetic medicine clinics, but never I met with such commitment and care of the patient. Dr. Barbara is an Angel:) I was younger not only on the body but on the soul. I recommend this clinic and doctor.