Aleksander Olszewski

Aleksander Olszewski is the owner of the health facility “FITGER” in Warsaw.

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education (Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego) in Warsaw and post-graduate studies from Biological Regeneration at the Academy of Physical Education (AWF) in Warsaw. He graduated from massage courses at the Faculty of Physical Rehabilitation on Warsaw Academy of Physical Education.

A physical rehabilitation coach of the Polish national and the Olympic team, a massage lecturer in the Department of Sports Medicine at Academy of Physical Education (AWF) in Warsaw.
He worked as a therapist at the in the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Międzylesie, for 11 years he was coach of physical rehabilitation in the Polish Association of Boxing, and since 2009 collaborates with Polish Swimming Association.

An author of numerous publications in specialist press, including in "Forum Coach" (“Forum Trenera”).

He speaks Polish, Russian, German and English.


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