• Centrum Stomatologiczne ALBUSDENT
  • Centrum Stomatologiczne ALBUSDENT
  • Centrum Stomatologiczne ALBUSDENT
  • Centrum Stomatologiczne ALBUSDENT
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The clinic ALBUSDENT in Kraków (Poland) cares for healthy, beautiful smiles of their patients since 7 years. Experienced and qualified medical team performs professional dental care for adults and children. ALBUSDENT Logo

The clinic offers a modern diagnostics and dental treatment using modern technologies and materials of the highest quality.
The doctors use many innovative therapeutic solutions and innovative medical equipment, which positively affects the length of treatment, patient comfort, and the final results of the treatment. The clinic is equipped with devices such as:

  • Master Flux AS 3000 – using nitrous oxide to relax and calm the patient
  • Kavo Healozone – used in the endodontic treatment and the ozone therapy of the decay
  • BEYOND™ Whitening accelerator - makes whitening fast, efficient and safe
  • AIR-FLOW® handy 2+ - the most advanced prophylaxis handy to remove stain and plaque
  • MOTION CAM – modern high resolution intraoral camera
  • The Wand – for painless computer assisted anesthesia
  • Expert DC GENDEX - the latest DC intraoral X-ray, reduces the radiation
  • ORTHORALIX 9200 GENDEX – for the high resolution panoramic, dento-maxillo-facial, transcan and cephalometric images in real
  • Endodontic microskope Carl Zeiss OPMI PROergo - highlighting and visualizing the exact place of treatment is indescribable convenience during the dental surgery and endodontics

A wide range of dental services offered by the clinic ALBUSDENT is a response to the needs of patients.
The clinic is specialized in:

  • Hygienization of the mouth
  • Aesthetic dentistry, including ceramic veneers and teeth whitening with the overlay method and the use of Beyond lamp POLUS
  • Children dentistry
  • Conservative dentistry
  • Microscopic endodontics
  • Prosthodontics and dental implantology
  • Periodontology
  • Oral surgery, including removal of milk- and permanent teeth, removal of wisdom teeth, root tip resection
  • Treatment of malocclusion using a tailor-made braces

"Integrity, competence, passion!" - These are the features characterizing the clinic Albusdent and doctors working in it. Thanks to this the clinic offers patients a specialized, individually tailored treatment at a high international level. At the same time the prices of offered services are on the acceptable, not very high level and the clinic’s atmosphere provides comfort and sense of security to the patients.

The clinic is open from Monday till Friday from 08:00 till 22:00.

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Do you have any questions or you want to make an appointment ? Call us !
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ul. Balicka 73
30-149 Kraków, Malopolskie
Price list
NamePrice minPrice max
Dental consultation9 €81 €
Conservative dentistry45 € €
Anesthesia7 €65 €
Classic Infiltration Anesthesia or Wire7 € €
"The Wand" Computer Assisted Anesthesia System16 € €
Composite filling46 €65 €
Rebuilding tooth71 €123 €
Endodontics96 € €
Root canal therapy96 €226 €
Primary endodontic treatment96 €226 €
Endodontic retreatment193 €258 €
Root canal preparation49 €49 €
Removal of broken tool81 € €
Treatment with endodontic microscope49 € €
Periodontology16 €223 €
Closed dental curettage23 €223 €
Mouthguard16 € €
Chlosite application per point33 € €
Gingivectomy (single tooth)33 € €
Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity23 € €
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