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Implant-Art is a modern dental clinic in Warsaw (Poland). The clinic employs the best dentists specializing in implantology and oral surgery. The founder of the clinic is Mr. Piotr Stępień M.D. - a specialist in dental surgery and implantology. High-end equipment allows to perform the most advanced...
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Piotr Stępień
Dentist, specialist in implantology and oral surgery A graduate from the Dentistry Faculty at the Medical University in Lublin (Poland). He gained experience working in Germany at the Goethe University in Berlin, he worked in the Department of Oral Surgery, Warsaw Medical University Hospital. Constantly...
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Błażej Bętkowski
Dentist A graduate fromthe Warsaw Medical Academy. In the course of specialization in maxillofacial surgery. Specializations: oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, conservative dentistry. ...
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