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  • Dental implants
    Who isn't dreaming about a beautiful “Hollywood” smile ? Healthy teeth, wonderful overbite and missing teeth are important not only for aesthetic but above of all health reasons. Many diseases of the digestive system have their source in the mouth. On the other hand, we use often fillers and other ways to reduce facial asymmetry, while replacement of the missing teeth would be sufficient. Dental implants perfectly solve the problems of people having not necessarily a perfect smile.
  • Thermage, rejuvenation without surgery
    The older we get, our skin becomes looser and more susceptible to wrinkles formation. It’s caused by the disappearance of collagen fibers, a major structural skin protein. How to improve the condition of the skin, rejuvenate facial contours and even smooth wrinkles? One of the procedures is Thermage.
  • Breast augmentation
    Only few women are satisfied with their breasts. We complain about their size and appearance. In most cases, surgeons are asked to enlarge them for at least one size. Breast enlargement operations are among the most popular operations performed within the medical tourism in Poland.
  • Medical tourism
    More and more of us are opting for treatment abroad. Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for many (often frustrated) patients.   Why are we looking for the foreign doctors?  

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