Marcin Nitka M.D.

Marcin Nitka M.D.


A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw (Poland). He specializes in aesthetic dentistry and dental surgery.


I had recently a terrible toothache and I visited the clinic of Jacek Dawidowicz M.D.. I was sent to the dentist Marcin Nitka. The first time I was at this doctor, and I was slightly nervous therefore. Unnecessarily:-)
It turned out that the doctor works quickly and painlessly. I choose Dr. Marcin Nitka as my dentist.

Today I broke my front (!) tooth.Without unnecessary waiting, the doctor Nitka beautifully fixed the composite veneer. I am delighted with the result! Nothing hurt, everything went smoothly. Simply brilliant.

I had appointment with doctor Nitka for the root canal treatment. It was fast and painless. Recommend.

A good dentist, very accurate and sympathetic. He just finished the treatment of my teeth for the restoration.

I went to the Doctor with sever pain after visit in another place. It looks previous doctor has made some mistake in endodontic treatment of me tooth. Dr. Nitka has made right diagnosis and introduced right treatment. After the visit pain disappear and I can again eat and easy smile. Highly recommend this Doctor.

A great doctor, very knowledgeable. He explained in detail the treatment. It turned out that I need to have root canal treatment. Nothing has hurt! I recommend this really good dentist.

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